An exclusive plant medicine retreat to facilitate personal breakthroughs, uncover self-purpose, and deepen connection to self and Earth

“[Plant medicines] are a catalyst for waking up...We have to rediscover this indigenous perspective that we are a part of nature...we should be symbiotic with nature”

Dennis McKenna, PhD, Ethnobotanist and Author*

“I'm supporting this research because I've battled depression myself, I've seen incredible effects [from plant medicine]”

Tim Ferriss, Author and Podcast Host*


More Than A Plant Medicine Retreat…

A truly transformational experience requires attention to detail. Oyasin has carefully curated our partners in the experience to maximize individual growth and catalyze breakthrough. To achieve this, each attendee receives the following:

  • Personal 1 on 1 attention to connect with facilitators to ensure you leave feeling inspired and purposeful
  • A safe and comfortable setting to reduce external distractions and anxieties
  • Physical support and guidance to integrate self-actualization of mind and body
  • Trustworthy sourcing of plant medicines grown and made by hand to ensure maximal safety
  • Community of like minded individuals curated to ensure new friends and allies are formed

Every culture that uses plant medicine and all modern scientific literature suggest that creating a safe and growth-oriented environment is key to achieving maximal results from plant medicine. This is why Oyasin invests heavily into the experience to ensure you leave transformed for the better.

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • day 4

08:00 - Breakfast
09:00 - 1-on-1 conversations
12:00 - Integration workshop
2:00 PM - Closing lunch
3:00 PM - Free time

*NOTE: This is a sample schedule. Many of the events will differ in the exact schedule and length, but this is noted within the application.


Our experienced organizers have one goal in mind: your safety, security, and opportunity for personal growth.

We have been working with plant medicines for years including directly with indigenous people in South America. Most importantly, we have developed a network of expert and trustworthy facilitators to take you through this journey.


Plant medicine experiences are powerful and profound. They can be incredibly uplifting and inspiring, but also require commitment and surrender.

This is not for everyone. 

Schema may be great if:

  • You are looking to make a professional change guided by purpose and mission
  • You are called to explore your consciousness and psyche more deeply
  • There are mental barriers preventing you from self-actualization
  • You have experienced some form of loss and feel a desire to heal
  • You have not tried plant medicine waiting for a safe environment and setting
  • You desire being a part of an ever-growing community of like minded individuals


Are all Schema retreats the same?

Is this legal?

Are these plant medicines safe?

Are there long term risks?

Who will facilitate these sessions?

Will my personal information be confidential?

Can I do more than 1 retreat?

Has Tim Ferriss or Dennis McKenna attended Schema?



Fill out an application

Schema is an exclusive retreat, which means we carefully select participants. Please fill out the application form and be as truthful as possible.


Solidify your position

Upon filling out the application, you will be asked to make a deposit to solidify your position in the retreat. If for any reason you are not accepted, this will be fully refunded.


Attend the retreat

Once your deposit has been made, the journey begins. Pay close attention to our logistic instructions, but also take the time to work on intentions and prepare for a successful retreat.