How Long to Wait Between Acid Trips: A Complete Guide

Starting in 2015 a new trend in the world of LSD and psychedelics started picking up steam.

The Rolling Stone published an article suggesting that the “hot new business trip” taking Silicon Valley by storm was microdosing LSD [1].

In the early days, the question of how long to wait between acid trips became more prevalent among microdosers.

We will breakdown an exact regimen for how long to wait between acid trips so that you can avoid tolerance and enjoy the experience without wasting LSD.

Why Wait Between Acid Trips?

Before providing specific regimens for LSD usage, it is best to understand why we need to wait between trips in the first place.

Most psychedelics, but LSD in particular, interacts with the serotonin system and specifically the 5-HT 2A receptor.

The reason our brain becomes tolerant to LSD is because a trip causes a downregulation of 5-HT 2A receptors in the brain temporarily [2].

Because LSD interacts with 5-HT 2A more than any other classic psychedelic (like psilocybin, mescaline (in peyote), or DMT) we consider the downregulation effects even stronger.

Don’t worry about the specifics of the science, but for the inquisitive of our readers, this should satisfy the thirst for knowledge.

How Long to Wait Between Acid Trips (and Others)

Above we have explained the best scientific theory for what happens in the brain after using LSD, but there is a cross-tolerance between LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin [3][4].

This suggests you cannot use these different psychedelic compounds too close to one another or else it simply will not work.

How Long to Wait Between Acid Trips: Microdosing

In 1966 Dr. James Fadiman conducted an experiment on microdosing psychedelics to increase problem solving capacity.

During the past few years the government’s relationship to psychedelics has thawed and Fadiman has taken up the torch advocating microdosing once again.

Fadiman collected a group of 418 volunteers who microdosed LSD themselves in an effort to provide data for a published study. During this study, users microdosed 1 – 10 mcg every four days for a month.

Once every four days is a healthy period of waiting between microdosing trips as outlined by Fadiman in the study.

Some people suggest every other day or every third day, but a standard Fadiman has set within his recent trial is the once every four days cadence.

However, there is good evidence that asking how long to wait between acid trips is not relevant for microdosing.

Again, according to Fadiman in his book The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide

I asked a once prominent LSD chemist if the ‘every three days’ regimen…was necessary, since it is well known that one cannot take repeated doses of most psychedelics and have them continue to be effective. His initial reply was ‘As far as I can determine, less than obvious doses do not cause tolerance, which could argue in favor of benefits from ten a day…I suspect that sub-detectable doses several days in a row cause no tolerance for a similar barely detectable dose the day following.

This would make sense considering a low dose of LSD (in a microdose) would not cause the 5-HT 2A receptors to react so strongly while a larger dose would.

Our suggestion: if you are microdosing and want to know how long to wait between acid trips, stick to the 1 every 3 or 4 days.

Moderate to High Dose LSD

It may be possible to consume moderate or higher doses (50 – 500 + mcg) within a similar threshold of 1 every 3 or 4 days, but we would suggest against it.

A good rule of thumb for moderate to high dose LSD usage is no more frequently than once per week.

This provides the brain, and 5-HT 2A receptors in particular to become sensitized once again so the effects are normalized.

Note that we do not suggest one consume psychedelics at this frequency, but to answer the question of how long to wait between acid trips from a biological and physiological perspective, this is the best rule of thumb.

Addiction Potential: Something to Worry About?

The scientific literature on LSD and other psychedelics is clear: these compounds are not addictive [5].

As with any tool, however, there are ways to abuse lysergic acid diethylamide like anything else.

Historically speaking, our ancestors used psychedelic compounds to expand their consciousness, learn about themselves, and the environment around them. They did not consume psychedelics that often.

The Santo Daime is a church where ayahuasca remains their psychedelics of choice and within this modern organization, indigenous practices are held no more than once per month [6].

Consuming LSD or other psychedelics more often than that is not wrong, but we encourage healthy inquisition as to why and for what purpose.

These self-inquiry questions can provide you with more clarity around your motivations.

There are some phases of life where regular usage of psychedelics can prove valuable for processing emotions and events.

Other times people use LSD frequently as an opportunity to run away from problems, which is a common human trait and one to be mindful of.