Coming Soon

We are excited to curate and manufacture high quality and sustainable products that support your reharmonization with nature. All of our products are developed with ancestral wellness in mind whether it be from the perspective of emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental wellbeing.

Here are some of the products that are currently in development and en route to you.


We are working with local artists in Austin, Texas as well as around wild places in the U.S.A. (shoutout Montana!) to develop apparel that resonates with our way of life.

Each design represents a bold statement reclaiming our wildness in the tame urban environments we often find ourselves.

Check out our existing apparel line here.


We are constantly looking to develop our line of handmade products especially as they support indigenous communities who maintain a traditional way of life.

Here are a few of the items and estimated release dates:

  • Handmade Navajo necklaces (Est: 3/2019)
  • Handmade Navajo earrings (Est: 3/2019)
  • Handmade Antler knives (Est: 3/2019)


The food products we deliver are mindful of our health, but also taste great and respect the planet. We are preparing to launch a few products including:

  • Yaupon Tea (Concentrate) (Est: 3/2019)
  • Cricket protein fruit and nut bar (Est: 8/2019)


Our founder, Mansal, had 6 years of experience in the cognitive enhancement and brain health industry. These products to enhance performance beyond the baseline are integral ways for us to utilize nature and live more ancestrally. Upcoming products include:

  • Liver Complex (grass fed, free-range liver encapsulations) (Est:3/2019)
  • Happy Menstruation Tea (Est: 3/2019)
  • Cannabidiol Tinctures (Est: 3/2019)


A large part of our ancestral past was spent in community and ceremony. We have a host of products that help bring this back into your life. Upcoming products include:

  • Lavender Spray (Est: 3/2019)
  • Rose Water Spray (Est: 3/2019)