CBD Tincture: 7 Strange Reasons This Method Works

From years of scientific research and thawing legal restrictions on the cannabis plant, interest in CBD (cannabidiol) is becoming more prominent worldwide.

Within certain communities, using CBD for various health benefits using a CBD tincture has become increasingly popular.

Using a CBD oil tincture comes with a host of purported benefits over the other types, but some question the scientific validity. Is it really worthwhile to use a CBD tincture?

Within the content below we will describe why a CBD tincture is medically beneficial in certain cases (but not all), what the effects are, how to make it for yourself, and where to get started if you have a desire to do so.

To summarize: A CBD oil tincture uses sublingual administration so that the CBD bypasses the metabolism in your gut.

By doing this, it provides a quick absorption and effects that can make it worthwhile for some people.

What Are the Real Benefits of a CBD Tincture?

Without diving into the complicated science too much, a CBD tincture is a sublingual administration, which means the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream through capillaries below the tongue.

This is a contrast to a standard CBD capsule product, which has to be swallowed and go through the digestive tract. Once in the digestive tract, only 6% of the CBD gets absorbed, which is very low [1].

This low bioavailability means the effects could be hampered and assuredly you’ll need a higher dose to see benefits.

[As a side note, anyone using CBD oil for dogs can see oral bioavailability between 13 – 19% [2]]

In contrast to the 6% from a CBD capsule, the CBD oil tincture is far more effective.

In a 2007 study in the Journal of Pharmacological Science, scientists concluded that sublingual administration was better than that of oral administration (swallowing the pill) in animal models [3].

According to anecdotal reports, a CBD tincture may be the best combination of fast-acting and long-lasting.

Many people use CBD vaping to see quick effects, but they may wear off faster than using a CBD oil tincture [4].

Unless you want to add a suppository (rectal administration), a CBD oil tincture is probably the best way to go.

cbd tincture

CBD Tincture Compared With Vaping

Using a vape to use CBD provides similar benefits for similar reasons as a tincture.

In one study, the CBD vaping bioavailability (how much was absorbed) was an average of 31% [5]. Compare that to a sublingual absorption in the mouth and it is usually slightly less.

The main reason for this difference is because the CBD is diffused through the bloodstream through alveolar membranes with a large surface area on the lungs.

The administration of vaping versus CBD is very similar except the lungs are bigger and thus work more quickly by a small margin.

The problem that many people (including myself) have with vaping CBD is that it is usually not as gentle as a sublingual solution.

Smoking anything can cause irritability and there are all different arguments about what negative health effects occur from heating plants and extracts to these levels.

DIY CBD Tincture: Is it Worth Creating At Home?

Creating a CBD oil tincture from a CBD isolate product is relatively easy and can be completed in your own home. Doing so with full-spectrum CBD can be a bit of a challenge.

From most anecdotal accounts, creating a CBD tincture at home saves very little money given the cost of isolate CBD products, the equipment, MCT or other oil, and spillage.

It does not seem worthwhile to buy CBD tincture ingredients separately and put them together.

Although it’s possible to create your own CBD oil 500mg product (as a standard tincture dosage), it might cost more money and a lot more headache than simply buying the tincture by itself.

There are also many benefits of using a full-spectrum CBD product within the tincture.

By using the entire CBD molecule it provides a host of additional chemicals creating an “entourage effect”.

This is fairly simple to understand: a plant that has developed benefits typically has many molecules that are valuable, not only one [6].

From a scientific perspective, the full spectrum CBD is around 4 times more effective than isolate when ingesting it [7].

These benefits or arguments between isolate and full-spectrum are outside the scope of this article.

However, making your own CBD tincture is challenging and usually requires isolate. If you want to get a full-spectrum tincture, you’ll have to find a vendor.

At Oyasin we are a firm believer in the usage of as much of the plant as possible.

We believe your best bet is a CBD tincture made with full spectrum cannabinoids, terpenes, and infused into hempseed oil or MCT oil made from coconut oil.


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